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Blerdy Ish: 03. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I’m just going to come right out and say it: if you don’t know whatBuffy the Vampire Slayer is, you are not a blerd. Blerds love Buffy. Buffy loves blerds. And why wouldn’t they? They are the perfect match. One is an entertainment phenomenon sprung from comic book pages and turned into a feature film and long-running television series. The other loves all ...

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Blerdy Ish: 01. We Stan Whoopi Goldberg From the Nineties

In 1985, a comedienne by the name of Whoopi Goldberg garnered critical acclaim for her portrayal of “Celie” in The Color Purple. But it wasn’t until she starred in Ghost in 1990 that she truly existed within Black lexicon. And for that one decade, the one where she wore long dreads, she mattered. Actually, she more than mattered. She was everything. And that ...

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