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CBS’ ‘Limitless’: For When You’re Laughing At, Not With, the Television

Sometimes you have high hopes for a series, and you hope to not be disappointed. Other times your expectations are low and a show comes along and surprises you. Limitless is neither of these. The new CBS series is a poor attempt at adapting a poorly conceived film into a television procedural. It was just not great. **Disclaimer: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.** R...

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Watch ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Now, Thank Me Later [VIDEO]

Over the weekend, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s biggest gamble yet, stormed movieplexes with record-breaking returns. So should you go see it? Yes. Go now. Read my reasoning for why on the way there. Thank me when it’s all over. If you haven’t heard the premise, Guardians of the Galaxy fashions itself as a new age Star Wars, bringing together the most ...

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