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It’s The Same (Epic) Missy Elliott in Her ‘WTF’ Video

Missy Elliott is back. And she ain't neva changed. In her new video for her single "WTF," Elliott stays true to the artist she has always been. She comes with a number of outrageous outfits from a mirrored sweatsuit with matching makeup to mashups of futuristic and hip hop elements from the 80's. And the dancing is epic from start to finish. Read More

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MC Lyte Sets the Game Straight on ‘Legend’ [ALBUM REVIEW]

MC Lyte is back (yesssss). The hip-hop legend is coming to snatch today’s rappers by their edges and let them know who the real queen of lyricism is. On Legend, Lyte made the album super exclusive by releasing it with a modified “surprise release”, somewhat reminiscent of what Beyoncé and D’Angelo have done, but in her case, the album was only available ...

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Kendrick Lamar Pimps the Hell Out of a Butterfly [ALBUM REVIEW]

Kendrick Lamar’s new LP, To Pimp a Butterfly, isn’t the usual rap album. Yes, there is gratuitous use of the “n-word.” And the heavy use of expletives more than earned the album’s parental advisory label. But there is an artistry there that you just can’t find on a Drake, Big Sean, or even Kanye record. With his debut, Lamar was crowned hip-hop’s ...

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