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There’s An Obvious Answer To Hollywood’s Unequal Access Problem

Turns out, increasing the presence of and access to diverse roles in entertainment is easy if you have two things: clear intention and unbiased hiring practices. Hollywood's issues with diversity have been national headlines for years now. From marginalization of African American actors to gender pay gaps to white male dominance of positions behind the camera and ...

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Hey Academy: Stop Trotting Out Your ‘Black Friend’ When You’re Wrong

If only the Academy knew that the "one Black friend" rule was revoked at the last Black people meeting. We're not stupid. As minorities, we actually have a solid grasp on what diversity looks like. Stop trying to fool us (and yourselves) into thinking that you are diverse now, because you've included one person that has a touch of melanin or a serious tan. That is ...

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The Difference Between Whitewashing And Diversity in Hollywood

The outrage is real. As the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens draws nearer, the bigoted cries of #BoycottStarWarsVII keep coming. But white tears about being "marginalized" and fears of being "targeted for genocide" are nothing new. Outside of the sheer outlandishness of these claims, they point to an undying campaign of white folks trying to keep societal ...

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