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If Only Black Artists Today Were Like Black Artists in 1998

After reading Jenn's reflection on Lauryn Hill's Miseducation, I was triggered into remembering the magical year in music that was 1998. For all of its merits and flaws, '98 was a banner year for good black music. The 90's were a great decade for black music. And in my life, 1998 was the point when I really grew my interest in music, exerting my teenage freedom to ...

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The NAACP Image Awards Nominations Leave Much to be Desired

This week, the nominees for the 47th NAACP image Awards were announced. And the further down the list I read, the larger my disbelief grew. Not because they got it all wrong. Just because they overlooked some really great talent from the past year. I can only guess that this was more of a "who you know" than a "what you know" thing. Read More

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Janet Jackson’s ‘Unbreakable’ Shows the Power of Production

On Janet's comeback album Unbreakable, it is all about delivering classic Janet in every way. Let's face it: Janet Jackson has never been a vocal powerhouse. She fits much better in the "entertainer" category than with vocalists like Whitney Houston, original Mariah Carey, Jill Scott or Jennifer Hudson. But, like Madonna, she has been successful in the music ...

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