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If Only Black Artists Today Were Like Black Artists in 1998

After reading Jenn's reflection on Lauryn Hill's Miseducation, I was triggered into remembering the magical year in music that was 1998. For all of its merits and flaws, '98 was a banner year for good black music. The 90's were a great decade for black music. And in my life, 1998 was the point when I really grew my interest in music, exerting my teenage freedom to ...

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Jazmine Sullivan and the ‘Injustice’ Paid To Black Soul Singers

I love black people. I love black music. I love that Motown sound, that in the pocket, that slow groove, that bass, and that flow. I love the riffs, the runs, the scats, and the growls. I love it all. As such, I am a fierce defender of the art that we produce and of the artists that do it best. That's why Jazmine Sullivan's recent comments on the state of the music ...

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My Conflicted Feelings About the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominations

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards look like a battle for music dominance between Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd. I can already see where this is headed. Read More

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Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality Show” is a Masterpiece [Album Review]

The  world has been waiting on new material from Jazmine Sullivan since November of 2010 when she released her last LP,Love Me Back. And after scaring the hell out of all of us by announcing her retirement in 2011, she has returned back to form with Reality Show. It’s just what we have come to expect of Jazmine Sullivan (that voice over throwback tunes), only ...

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