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Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Black Depression

At times it seems no matter how high you reach, you cannot escape the obstacles of being black in America. It might shock you to know that I have been battling depression for years. As I got married, as my career progressed, as I was blessed with children, and as I've blossomed as a writer, the depression never left. So to me, I'm not shocked to hear that even as ...

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Pharrell and The Difference Between an Homage and Theft

The “internets” have been abuzz about the recent verdict handed down in the “Blurred Lines” copyright infringement case. Some have called this the end of creativity in music. I call it an indictment on those that mask repurposing (e.g. stealing) as creating art of their own. Pharrell is famous for his productions. In truth, a lot of what he does is ...

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