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5 Things White People Need to Stop Asking During Black History Month

Dear white people: Black History Month is a reminder of the important place black folk hold in history and in the present; it is not a moment to feed white people's curiosities about blackness. White people tend to have one of two reactions to Black History Month. Either they act like it doesn't exist, or they see it as an opportunity to do and say things they ...

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Let’s Get Real about “Zola”

This week, Twitter user Aziah King (@_zolarmoon) relayed the details of a crazy weekend she spent in Florida. Then the world lost its collective minds for her compelling tale of prostitution, pimping, and murder. And every time someone bowed at her feet and named her next in the line of literary royalty, just behind Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison, a lonely book ...

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10 Books Every Fiction Snob Needs in Their Life

There are so many books out there that speak to Black and brown life that, unfortunately, don’t get the media attention they deserve. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our dollars. In support of these works, here’s a collection of 10 books every (blerd) fiction snob needs on their bookshelf. Read More

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