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There’s An Obvious Answer To Hollywood’s Unequal Access Problem

Turns out, increasing the presence of and access to diverse roles in entertainment is easy if you have two things: clear intention and unbiased hiring practices. Hollywood's issues with diversity have been national headlines for years now. From marginalization of African American actors to gender pay gaps to white male dominance of positions behind the camera and ...

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We Are Ready to #CancelSNL After the Coondoggle of ‘Black Jeopardy’

What’s a ‘coondoggle?’ It’s when a boondoggle is initiated by people who are cooning. A secondary definition of it is Saturday Night Live writers’ weekly attempt to make black stereotypes funny. Well, funny in a general sense – not just to white people. Really, the rest of the show isn’t that funny either so we think it’s time to go ahead and put it ...

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