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The 2016 Grammys: An Exercise in Whiteness

During the 2016 Grammys, there was a concerted effort to center whiteness at all costs, further proving that the awards are worth less than their gold-plating. We've been accused of being racists and race baiters a million times. But we're not looking to point out the racial aspects of everything. They are just so unavoidable that we would be dishonest if we ...

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My Conflicted Feelings About the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominations

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards look like a battle for music dominance between Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd. I can already see where this is headed. Read More

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Don’t Celebrate Black Artists Topping This Summer’s Streaming Music Charts

If you take a look at the songs most streamed over this summer, one thing is blatantly clear: Black rappers were all the rave. While this might seem like a “Mama we made it!” moment, it most definitely is not a cause for celebration. It’s just another example of White consumption of “Black culture” without real appreciation for Black excellence. This ...

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