Blerdy Ish: 02. We Stan “Back to the Future”

Posted on March 23, 2015

Back to the Future is thoroughly embedded in Blerd lexicon. The only Black faces I remember from the entire trilogy were the restaurant employee that eventually becomes the mayor and the family that lives in Marty McFly’s house in Part 2. But what truly makes the Back to the Future trilogy Blerd gold is the intricacies that create the backdrop of each film.

When broached for entertainment, time travel is often necessary to save the world or the reason the world needs saving in the first place. Action heroes take the plunge, facing dire consequences if they fail at their mission. But in Back to the Future, there is no time for anything on that scale. Marty has to get his parents back together (before he ceases to exist) and save his kids from becoming failures. Leave it to an 80’s film to take a subject with endless possibilities and center it on something germane to just one character.

But, that was why is worked so well. It took that open ended subject and made it relatable to everyone. It had (and still has) power. This goofy Michael J. Fox film had people wanting DeLoreans, quite possibly the most lambasted vehicle make in history. In fact, I still want a DeLorean to this day. Here are a few reasons why we stan Back to the Future.

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