Dear Marvel: Asian People Are More Than Ninjas

Posted on April 6, 2016

There has been continuing coverage of the lack of opportunities and recognition for black actors and actresses in Hollywood while the industry struggles to save face. While diversity in entertainment is an immensely important conversation to have, other minorities, like Asian folks, have been left out too. And though I am a true Marvel fan at heart, this is one area where the entertainment company has truly missed the mark.

Marvel has been on a hot streak for years, first becoming a feature film juggernaut, and then expanding that power into small screen endeavors. Their brilliance is best exemplified in its collection of Netflix shows. Daredevil is in its second season. Jessica Jones had a successful first run. And Luke Cage is set to premiere later this year. And while each of these shows is a triumph for diversity, they all work in some way to reinforce stereotypes. This trend is continuing with their next series, Iron Fist.

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