#BlerdTV: The Shows You’ll Be Watching This Fall [VIDEO]

Posted on May 19, 2015

Network television’s “Upfronts” (the annual announcement to advertisers of what will be coming to TV screens in the fall) are now complete. And with that, we have confirmation of what shows have survived pilot season and earned primetime births. As your resident #BlerdTV specialist, I’ve got a roundup of the shows you’ll be interested in seeing (along with some of their trailers).

As we’ve already pointed out, 2015 looks to be a big year forminorities on television. And it shows in the series that have been picked up by the major networks. Beyond the diverse casts, there are a significant number of shows with experimental premises and a resurgence of supernatural/sci-fi shows.

Judging by the trailers, there are a few series that stand out from the crowd: Minority Report, Quantico, andBlindspot. Meagan Good looks strikingly convincing in the high-concept/high-tech thriller that is reminiscent ofAlmost Human, just upgraded. Quantico looks and feels a lot like How To Get Away With Murder, only set in the crazy pressure cooker of the FBI Academy and dealing with acts of terrorism. And Blindspot seems born directly from The Blacklist school of thrillers, but upping the ante with a large looming plot device and an incredibly engaging Jaimie Alexander (aka Sif from the Thor movies).

The rest of the shows, listed by network along with their descriptions, are below.

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