Jill Scott and Tyrese, Two #1 Albums, Get No Top 40 Radio Airplay

Posted on August 13, 2015

When Tyrese cried racism about his #1 album Black Rosegetting no love on Top 40 radio, he was largely ignored. After all, R&B music has been on the outs for awhile now, and one surprisingly successful album wasn’t changing that. But now that Jill Scott’s WOMAN has also debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, once again with zero Top 40 radio support, how long can this mismatch be ignored?

Just a quick Google search of Mediabase (the entity that tracks radio airplay) and Tyrese’s name shows that he has no presence in Top 40 radio. The same goes for Jill Scott. But flip over to the R&B charts, and you’ll see that Tyrese and Jill Scott are perched in the top 3. So, topping both the R&B radio airplay charts and the album sales chart aren’t enough to get even the smallest bit of Top 40 love?

Clearly not.

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