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CBS’ ‘Limitless’: For When You’re Laughing At, Not With, the Television

Sometimes you have high hopes for a series, and you hope to not be disappointed. Other times your expectations are low and a show comes along and surprises you. Limitless is neither of these. The new CBS series is a poor attempt at adapting a poorly conceived film into a television procedural. It was just not great. **Disclaimer: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.** R...

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#BlerdTV: The Shows You’ll Be Watching This Fall [VIDEO]

Network television’s “Upfronts” (the annual announcement to advertisers of what will be coming to TV screens in the fall) are now complete. And with that, we have confirmation of what shows have survived pilot season and earned primetime births. As your resident #BlerdTV specialist, I’ve got a roundup of the shows you’ll be interested in seeing (along with ...

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