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Why Isn’t Idris Elba A More Respected Actor?

His resume is extensive. He's played award-winning roles both on TV and in movies. Still, I'd argue that he isn't seen to be in the same league as other "big name" actors. If nothing else, Idris Elba is a shining example of hard work and determination paying off. He's done it all, from guest roles on shows like Law & Order and CSI: Miami to starring in his own ...

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“Female Thor” and Marvel’s Estrogen Fueled Dominance

It was announced this week that Thor will no longer exist in Marvel comics. At least as we know him. Him will now be a her. And while comic book lovers have battled over the merits and pitfalls of this decision, everyone seems to be forgetting that this is normal operating procedure for comic book companies. The decision to make Thor female is a shocking one ...

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