“Female Thor” and Marvel’s Estrogen Fueled Dominance

Posted on July 20, 2014

It was announced this week that Thor will no longer exist in Marvel comics. At least as we know him. Him will now be a her. And while comic book lovers have battled over the merits and pitfalls of this decision, everyone seems to be forgetting that this is normal operating procedure for comic book companies.

The decision to make Thor female is a shocking one … at first. But then you have to remember that this is a comic book, which means a) no one ever really dies, and b) new/revised/alternate characters come and go routinely. Sometimes they are wiped clean through revisionist history (retcon). Sometimes they just revert back. Sometimes the whole thing took place in an alternate timeline/universe, and at the conclusion of the story we go back to business as usual. Don’t be surprised if a year from now we are talking about Thor being a man again.

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