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What Happened to Reality TV?

Remember the early days of reality television? When The Real World was an actual social experiment in seeing how real people lived and interacted with each other? Better yet, remember whenBig Brother was intriguing and wasn’t all about the sensationalized drama? Remember when the genre wasn’t even a genre yet, just a collection of groundbreaking experimental ...

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TLC Aren’t the Only Ones Tired of Rihanna’s Nipples

I am sick of Rihanna. Sick to death. I'm sick of her yodel-barking. I'm sick of her acting like her success is because of her musical prowess. I'm sick of her increasing emphasis on her crotch. I'm sick of it all. This is not because I don't think she is beautiful. She is. This also isn't because I have a problem with her sex positive image. I don't. But, I, like ...

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