TLC Aren’t the Only Ones Tired of Rihanna’s Nipples

Posted on July 16, 2014

I am sick of Rihanna. Sick to death. I’m sick of her yodel-barking. I’m sick of her acting like her success is because of her musical prowess. I’m sick of her increasing emphasis on her crotch. I’m sick of it all. This is not because I don’t think she is beautiful. She is. This also isn’t because I have a problem with her sex positive image. I don’t. But, I, like many people, would like to see her embody an image that defeats the status quo rather than conforms to it. And, the recent trend of her finding new and innovative ways to display her nipples – though she looked great – has left me wondering if she even thinks she could make it in the pop world without them. And pop royalty TLC agrees with me.

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