Just Call the NSA Skynet

Posted on February 2, 2014

President Obama gave a speech today outlining some of the changes that will be happening at the NSA. The biggest outcomes of the speech are that the U.S. will be limiting the “bulk data” policies that have stored millions of Americans’ phone records as well as placing a limit of two additional contacts from that of an initial target (the “two-hop” rule) when it comes to investigations. But the most notable surveillance program that remains untouched is that of cyber-surveillance.

This type of spying has garnered little coverage in the criticisms of the NSA. It is also one of the most troubling. Americans were up in arms knowing that the government might have records of the phone calls they were making, not stopping to think that the “bulk data” that was getting stored only included who you called and not the actual content of your call. But it’s what the NSA is doing with computers and the internet that should have conspiracy theorists in a tizzy.

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