Posted on February 12, 2014

All of the lights were turned off, except for the Christmas tree lights of course. And I watched as they flickered on and off, rhythmically dancing across the tree and creating my own little light show. It was Christmas Eve. 11:30 PM. I sat on the couch, leaning against the armrest with my head balanced on my fist. And I was alone in a house that was meant for me to share with my family.

Last Christmas was a dream come to life. It literally looked like a magazine ad meant to depict the perfect Christmas that never really exists. A light smattering of snow had started to fall overnight. My wife and I sat on the couch cuddled together and drinking hot cocoa while our two children Shane and Cadence gleefully opened their presents. Before long, the floor was covered in wrapping paper, opened boxes, and gifts, but it all seemed more picturesque than mess. And as they ran around the room playing with their new toys, Jasmine and I watched, smiling with our heads rested against each other.

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