Fortune Cookies

Posted on February 12, 2014

Franklin had been watching Sophia for weeks now. He was starting to feel like a stalker. But he knew he wasn’t. He was infatuated with her, sure, but it only becomes stalking once that infatuation moves to an unhealthy place. And Franklin had decided that patiently waiting for her to come into Starbucks every morning at 7:35 sharp wasn’t unhealthy.

He would come in around 7 and order a venti black coffee every morning. He rarely deviated from the house blend, and he always requested his cup to be piping hot. Next, he’d retire to the same leather chair in the corner of the room. From there, he could see everything going on around him. He had a clear line of sight to both the front door and the register. The perfect place for him to be able to peer at Sophia as she blew into the room and took her place in line.

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