Album Review: Ashanti – Braveheart

Posted on March 20, 2014

DISCLAIMER: I’m not an Ashanti fan. To be completely honest, she has irked me ever since she was “Always on Time”. I’ve never thought much of her voice. I never got the appeal of her as a package. But I took at listen to this album anyway. I thought that she might bring something new to the table now that she has taken the reigns of her career. Sadly, the results are underwhelming.

In its entirety, the album is Ashanti’s very own search for direction. Instead of coming up with something uniquely her, she opted to jock the styles of other successful female singers. This methodology is largely hit or miss. But for me, as someone that has never listened to an Ashanti album in its entirety, this sounds like her best effort to date. There are some moderate winners, and overall, it she doesn’t make any colossal blunders.

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