The Real Reason Why “Selma” Got Snubbed in the 2015 Oscars

Posted on January 16, 2015

With Oscars nominations released this week, the world was stunned to see the debut film from talented director Ava Duvernay, Selma, reduced to only 2 nominations (Best Song for “Glory” and Best Picture). While I fully expect “Glory” to take the win (I mean… John Legend), I won’t hold onto hope that Selma will take the most coveted prize of the night. There’s a few reasons for my pessimism.

Full disclosure: I have not seen any of the other touted films. I don’t care to see a film about Nazi spy codes or Stephen Hawking’s journey into manhood or another troubled White man in the armed forces or Budapest hotels or White kids dealing with divorce or whatever the hell Michael Keaton is doing playing himself in Birdman. I just don’t give a fig about any of those stories. I’m sure they were acted well; I’m sure Bradley Cooper cried because he missed his family just before he took out a pivotal target; I’m sure that hotel was the place to be. But what does any of that matter? I mean, really.

Call me ignorant if you like. I just know most of these films will be forgotten a few months from now. They’ll be added to the archive of “That movie was pretty good but I can’t really recall anything about it.” But, Selma is monumental and unforgettable, not just for what it portrays but also for being a movie of the moment.

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