Marvel Studios’ Great Black Spiderman Hope

Posted on February 12, 2015

Maybe Sony was tired of rebooting the franchise to so-so results. Maybe Marvel lined the execs’ pockets. Whatever the reason, Spiderman will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Oh yeah, and he might be Black.

The news was announced early this week, painting the move as a bridge of sorts between the two studios. Sony hasn’t given up the film property (it still plans to continue making Spider-films) and this won’t be a one-off occurrence for Marvel. But you can expect to see this new Spidey showing up for both companies going forward.

Still, the development that has the fangirls and fanboys truly losing their shit is that Andrew Garfield is out as Spiderman. The next, all-new Spiderman will be “much younger,” yet it seems there is no reboot on the horizon. This leads most to believe that the films will follow suit with Marvel’s Ultimate comics that infamously killed Peter Parker and introduced Black Spiderman Miles Morales.

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