‘Blindspot’ Review: There’s Beauty in All the Brawling

Posted on September 22, 2015

One of the most buzzed about shows of the Fall season, Blindspot, premiered last night. But for all of the dutiful marketing efforts, it came off like just another product from the mystery thriller factory.

Blindspot stars Jaimie Alexander as “Jane Doe”, a woman discovered naked inside a duffel bag in Times Square. While in custody, the FBI discovers that her body has been pumped full of a drug that has caused a massive state of amnesia.

Her tattoos quickly become the focal point as Agent Kurt Weller is printed in large letters across her back and, upon seeing one tattoo of Chinese characters, Jane finds she can read the language. The message of course leads the FBI to an apartment where someone has created a bomb and plans on wreaking havoc in New York. This expedition also affords a chance for Jane to uncover formidable fighting abilities.

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